Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two of my favorite things!


I found a recipe for Mountain Dew cupcakes at, so I obviously HAD to make them. 

They turned out a little too lemon-y for me. The recipe calls for lemon cake mix AND lemon pudding mix, so I think next time I will leave out the pudding mix. But I still thought they were pretty delicious.... 

I did think the frosting tasted AMAZING, you can taste the Mountain Dew more in the frosting than in the actual cupcake. 

And I put green and yellow dye in the bag, to get the stripes in the white frosting! I only did 2 stripes, instead of 4 like the website originally showed. I think these were the first cupcakes that I didn't even use sprinkles on! YUMM

If you like Mountain Dew and lemon flavoring, you definitely need to try these cupcakes! Next up: Orange Crush cupcakes!! (or possibly S'more, we'll see)

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